torsdag den 15. august 2013

The Escape

“A small breach in security led Ayathi and his 6 legged friend to escape their cells in which they had been held captured and experimented on by the human race. Anxiously making their way through the dark hallways and laboratories, they began to realize that they had in fact only seen a fraction of the cruelty committed within the facility.”

This has been my project for the past week or so :-)

It was a BIG challenge for me to make this, and I think I might have gone too ambitious for where my skills are currently at – but no matter what, it was a really good learning experience trying to make a non organic indoor environment. There are still some issues, but I will leave it at this for now. It made me very conscious about my problem areas, so my next challenge will probably be to do a more realistic everyday environment, with lots of perspective, good lighting and focus on value.

Hope you all like it! :-)

Here's a small making of for the ones interested: