fredag den 7. august 2015

Moving to Tumblr

All future blog posts will happen on Tumblr, so head over to see my latest work on

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torsdag den 25. juni 2015

CG Student Awards 2015 Results

I was one of the lucky few to receive the Slayer Industry Badge in this year's CG Student Awards, which makes me pretty damn happy :) Furthermore, I received a Speciality Badge in both modeling and texturing.

A big congratulations to all the winners - you're all awesome and you deserve it! :)

onsdag den 3. juni 2015

CG Student Awards - Student of the Year, Finalists

I'm happy to be one of the finalists for this year's CG Student Awards smile-humørikon The best of luck to all of my competitors.

fredag den 15. maj 2015

Featured in 3D Creative Magazine

I was featured in the latest issue of 3Dcreative with a tutorial on how I made the Fungi Forest. There's a little sneak peek below, but if you want to see the whole thing (and actually read it too), head over to and download it.

søndag den 10. maj 2015

A Lovely Little Sackboy

Returning from FMX, I found this little guy waiting for me in my mailbox! He is now sitting next to my computer at school where I work. I do not believe that I in a million years could have found a cooler studio to intern at :-)