fredag den 17. maj 2013

Casa Mechánica

Here it is! Our Short Short film: Casa Mechánica
Me and my group have been working on it for the past 4 weeks and it's been hard, challenging, time consuming, but most of all a ton of fun! I was blessed having such talented and hardworking people in my group, and a owe a big fat thank you to every single one of them, for being so ambitious and making it possible.

We had to follow some rules along they way, and they were as following:
- Target audience: Kids between the age of 9-12
- Random elements that had to be incorporated: Yellow, morphing and make-up
- Style guide: Kevin Waldron and J Otto Seibold
- Time limit: 30 seconds exclusive title and credits

Software used:
- Photoshop
- After Effects
- Premiere
- Audition
- Tv-Paint

So, enjoy our movie!

What I primarily did:
- Background, monsters and compositing for the final scene
- Sound Effects
- Credit Illustrations
- Managing communication with Bristol composer
- Editing in Premiere