fredag den 7. juni 2013

2nd Semester Showreel

My 2nd Semester Showreel from The Animation Workshop is done! So if you are interested in seeing what I've been using my time on the past 6 months, take a look at this video :) Enjoy!

What I did:
- P4550: concept, modelling, UV, texturing, rendering, compositing (Photoshop, Maya, After Effects)
- Design 2: concept, design, rendering (Photoshop)
- Lights and Materials: rendering (Photoshop)
- Shading, Lighting: UV, texturing, lighting, shading, rendering, compositing (Maya, Photoshop, After Effects)
- Biped Project: concept, modelling, sculpting, UV, texturing, rendering (Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop)
- Layout: layout, values, compositing (Photoshop, After Effects)
- Color: concept, rendering (Photoshop)
- SSF: sound effects and mixing, background for control room and forest, compositing of forest, animation of
   monsters and eyes in forest, moving illustrations in credits (Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere, Audition)
- Rigging: rigging, skinning, animation controls (Maya)
- Lara Croft Fan Art: concept, rendering (Photoshop)
- Undead Pirate: concept, modelling, sculpting, UV, texturing, shading, rendering (Maya, Photoshop,